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Civia Aftermarket Loring Rack

Civia has begun a voluntary recall of all aftermarket Loring front racks because of a risk of failure.  Original equipment Loring front racks are not a part of this recall. To repeat: the rack on front of a Loring bicycle is not a part of this recall. There are 74 racks involved in this recall.

The difference between the two racks is small but significant. The aftermarket rack has only one tab that attaches to the front of the fork crown.  This one tab can fail under repeated stress. If the rack fails it can fall into the front wheel.  The original equipment rack has two tabs that attach to both the front and bottom of the fork crown.

 Loring aftermarket rack

Consumers should remove this rack from their bicycles immediately and contact the store where purchased for a full refund or replacement. 

If you have questions on your Loring rack please give us a call at (877) 311-7686.



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