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I hope you were able to follow the Why I Ride contest over on Eco Velo last month.   There were some inspiring entries with a great mix of images and text.  Eco Velo had nearly 300 photos and accompanying essays, and Civia was honored to sponsor the grand prize for the contest, a brand new Civia Midtown. The winning image and essay were submitted by Mitchell Connell.  Mitchell is a student at Hillsboro High School in Nashville, Tennessee.


My twin, Spencer, and I have grown up in a family full of ambition but lacking in commitment. The house that surrounds us is perpetually in a state of incompleteness with floorboards missing and exposed drywall, but through this we have developed both pragmatism and an enamorment for the completion of our goals.

Last summer we rode (with my best friend, Robert Fischman) from our hometown, Nashville, Tennessee to Natchez, Mississippi. After 462 miles and 9 days of leg throbbing persistence we arrived at our most exacting goal yet. This is a photograph of Spencer and Robert less than a mile from the end of the Natchez Trace.

Mitchell Connell


Here is a photo from Mitchell on his new Midtown.



 I’m envious of anyone who can do wheelies.

I asked Mitchell why he made riding his bike a part of his everyday life, he said, “I ride my bike because it takes away the barriers between me and the surrounding environment. Because I ride my bike, I know what the grass smells like after it rains, and I know all of the different sounds of Nashville.”  I think anyone who rides knows exactly what he means. 

Mitchell had this to say about his new Midtown. “The Civia is great. I can tell you all spent a lot of time on the build design because the bike really feels complete. There are so many small things on the bike that make it more beautiful and more practical that most designs lack. I was really impressed with the spring tensioner for the fork to stabilize the porteur rack, the industrial kickstand, and the beautiful head badge.”


Thanks to everyone who entered the Eco Velo “Why I Ride” contest.  Your words and images were truly inspiring. For me they illustrated how expansive Civia’s goal of bicycles for smarter living can reach.

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