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After careful consideration, we at Civia Cycles have made the decision to discontinue operations.

Why Choose an Ebike?

From no sweat crosstown commutes, to fitness rides, electric bikes are a fun and exciting way to get around. A little extra boost from the electric motor makes hills a breeze and levels the playing field when riding with faster cyclists. If a workout is what you're looking for, all the typical aspects of riding a bike still come into play, meaning you can make your ride as easy or hard as you want. When it comes to ebikes, there's no wrong way to ride.

Effort, Less

For new and veteran riders alike, all the pleasures that comes from fresh air, covering distance, and the feeling of speed are there on ebikes. What's missing is the sweat, the need for bike-specific clothing, and the fatigue.

Head for the Hills

Riders will immediately notice the ability to power up and over any hill, making transportation easier and recreation that much more fun.

Stop and Go, Go, Go

Constant stopping and starting in traffic can be exhausting on a bicycle, but with ebikes, re-gaining momentum after a quick stop isn't a problem.


Feel good about ditching your car and reducing your carbon footprint aboard an ebike.

General Questions

What is an ebike?
An ebike is a bicycle with an electric motor that assists you as you pedal. That's what makes them different from an electric-powered motorcycle - you have to pedal to use the assist. They're a fun way to ride longer distances, go faster, and cruise up hills without breaking a sweat.
How fast can I ride on an ebike?
It's up to you! Most ebike motors have a maximum speed between 20-28 mph, but it's possible to go even faster under your own power.
Where can I ride an ebike?
Most roads, and many trails and bike paths allow ebikes as long as you stay below a certain speed. Regulations can vary, however, so it's best to check locally before heading out on a ride.

Motor & Battery

How long will a battery charge last?
Your ebike battery's range can be anywhere between 30-110 miles depending on terrain, assist modes used, wind, total weight on the bike, and other factors. If your ebike has a Bosch motor, visit this link to learn more.
Are there different assist modes on ebikes?
Bosch-equipped ebikes have four levels of assist. Learn more about Bosch assist modes here.
Why should I use different assist levels?
The higher level you ride in, the quicker you'll use up your battery. Turbo is fun, but be sure to vary the assist levels you use on longer rides.
How long does it take to charge the battery?
It will take up to 6.5 hours to fully charge a dead battery using a compact charger.
How do I charge the battery?
The battery will charge both on and off the bike. Just plug in the charger cord to the battery and a wall outlet to start charging. Check the side of the battery or the computer display to see when it's fully charged.
What happens if the battery dies on a ride?
If your battery dies, you'll no longer have ride assist, but you can still pedal under your own power just like a regular bike. A good way to avoid this is to watch your battery charge on the computer display and to shift to a lower assist if you're using up the charge too fast.
What happens if the battery gets wet?
Bosch batteries are waterproof and can operate in the rain, however the battery should never be submerged in water.
Can I continue charging the battery by pedaling or braking?
No. Bosch batteries and systems are not designed to be regenerative.
Can I lock the battery to the bike?
Yes! Always lock your battery to your bike while riding to ensure that it's installed correctly.
What if I lose the battery key?
WRITE DOWN YOUR KEY NUMBER AND LOCK BRAND WHEN YOU RECEIVE YOUR EBIKE. Replacement keys may be available if you know your key code from the lock company.
Is it okay to leave my battery on the bike outside?
Prolong the life of your Bosch battery by keeping it in temperatures between 32-100° F and bringing it inside to charge it after rides.
How should I transport my ebike on my vehicle?
We recommend removing the battery from your bike before putting it on any kind of vehicle rack. This will make your ebike lighter and will protect the battery from damage.
Can I ride my ebike in the winter?
Yes, however colder temperatures will decrease the battery range. Bring your battery inside and recharge it after riding in cold weather.

Service & Support

What service is needed on an ebike?
Keep your ebike in great shape by bringing it in for regular maintenance and repairs just like you'd do with any other bicycle.
Where can an ebike be serviced?
Bring your ebike back to the shop you originally bought it from for service. Find more Bosch-certified dealers in your area who can work on your bike by clicking this link. For regular bicycle repairs, any bike shop should be able to help you out.
What if I need a replacement battery?
To purchase a new battery, contact the dealer where you bought the ebike or find Bosch-certified dealers in your area who can work on your bike by clicking this link. All Bosch batteries are interchangeable.
What is the warranty?
Warranties vary by manufacturer. Civia Cycles offers a five-year warranty on frames and a three-year warranty on forks. Bosch offers a 2-year or 500-charging cycle warranty on the battery from original date of purchase. Contact Bosch with any additional Bosch warranty questions. When you purchase your Civia ebike, be sure to register it with Civia Cycles here.
Where can I buy an ebike?
At your local Civia bike dealer.