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After careful consideration, we at Civia Cycles have made the decision to discontinue operations.


Which build is right for me? Singlespeed or 7-speed?

That all really depends on your preference and riding style. Riders who don’t want to deal with moving parts and shifting gears prefer the simplicity and ease of a singlespeed. Singlespeeds are great if your neighborhood is relatively flat, but if there are some hills that separate you from the farmers market, a 7-speed will make your ride much easier (and a little faster).

What’s the difference between step-over and step-thru and which is right for me?

Step-over and step-thru refers to how the bike is designed for you to get on and off. A step-over has a horizontal toptube that you have raise your leg over to get onto the bike, while a step-thru has a much lower toptube and is a little easier to get on and off. If your flexibility is limited and your clothing is restrictive, a step-thru might be the better option for you. Otherwise, choosing between a step-thru or a step-over can simply depend on your own personal style preference.

What’s the range of weight of bikes?

The Lowry comes in between 23 and 25 pounds. Its lightweight aluminum frame makes the lift from apartment to pavement a breeze.

How do I determine which size is right for me?

We’ve gathered all the important measurements of our frame sizes into one convenient size chart.

Why do some sizes have different sized wheels?

In order for the Lowry to comfortably fit most adults, we spec it with different sized wheels based on frame size. Sizes XS and S have smaller wheels while M-XL have larger ones.

Does the Lowry come ready to ride and what accessories can I add?

The Lowry is sold complete with pedals and a kickstand so you can ride it off the showroom floor if you want. If you’re looking to make your Lowry a little more versatile, ask your local bike shop about adding fenders and a rack.

Where are your bikes designed and manufactured?

All of our bikes are proudly designed and developed in Minneapolis, MN. We then work with our trusted manufacturing partners in China to deliver a quality product.

What sort of maintenance is needed on a Civia?

Before any ride, make sure you have an adequate amount of air in your tires. If they feel a little too squishy, fill them up with a floor pump or take your bike to your local gas station and use the air hose and pressure gauge there. Recommended air pressure is listed right on the tire for quick and easy reference. Your local bike shop will be happy to help you with any other service issue